Dekoltas Handwerk

Theatre of figural forms


Work progress

Dekoltas Handwerk focuses on pictorial language, oscillating on the border between the performing and the visual arts. A theatre form that is capable of focussing on the essential, of working with metaphors and symbols, and of so creating a projection screen that absorbs the viewers’ sensations and fantasies.

The productions of Dekoltas Handwerk revolve in an encrypted way around the repressed and oppressed. The investigation of the unconscious, the dream and the confrontation with the „uncanny“. The incoherence of our relationship to the world. What is it exactly that surrounds us? Do we control things, or do things control us?

Inspired by the freedom of imagination, we are interested in the playful universe that emerges when the moving human body meets a lifeless object. By breaking habitual modes of perception and perspectives through light-hearted questioning, the messages and stories we tell astound our audience both with regards to form and content.

Jan Jedenak
Freelance Puppeteer and Theatre Director


I want the impression, not the expression!

Jan Jedenak founded Dekoltas Handwerk in 2008. He has lived in Stuttgart in Germany since October 2012. He studied puppetry at the Figure Theatre Department of the State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart and Theatre-, Film and Media Science at the University of Vienna. Since 2011 he is working as a freelance theatre director and puppeteer collaborating with artist of various backgrounds such as music, dance, performing arts and puppetry creating productions for national and free theatre.